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We created HERMOSA, the cleanest, tastiest protein out there to rise above the sea of sameness. Protein was always something I felt I had to have. I work out hard so I know I need to replenish my muscles to recover but I never enjoyed it.

All the proteins I tried were gritty and horrible tasting and made me feel bloated and I wanted to change that. I wanted to create something that people can look forward to – working out is hard! Everyone deserves a treat after!


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

HERMOSA really also started out of necessity. At Barry’s UK they were looking for a protein that was good enough for their clients and there wasn’t anything on the market. We spent 2 years developing a new recipe – stripping out any unwanted ingredients and sourcing the best, cleanest produce that enhanced the taste, texture and flavour. The result was HERMOSA and it was an instant hit!

The Barry’s clients couldn’t get enough of it and told us the thought of their post-workout HERMOSA shake was what kept them going through their workout. It was their post workout treat which was exactly what we set out to do!

It wasn’t long before they were begging to have HERMOSA at home and so in 2019 we started selling online and haven’t looked back since. We developed our cool brand and packaging, again trying to create something different, we really wanted to disrupt the industry. We’re not a meal replacement, we don’t endorse sitting on your couch, not eating properly and waiting to be skinny.

We are an active lifestyle brand, all our imagery portrays that active lifestyle. Whether you pound the treadmill, surf, ski or just love moving your body, you still need protein and we’re here to help. It’s simple… Move, eat good clean food, feel great and the results will always follow!


How did the company evolve during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, like a lot of eCommerce companies, our sales thrived. We had to adapt our marketing strategy as we do a lot of in person events and that’s how we planned to grow. We were able to migrate most of them online with great success.

Virtual workouts with shake-making demos after, instagram and of course our now famous Sunday morning live brunches! This involved me, cooking various HERMOSA recipes, live on instagram, some dishes came out better than others (!!) but we got quite the following!

What can we hope to see from HERMOSA in the future?

We have so many plans for the future. More in-person pop ups and events, we have more and more fuel bars approaching us to serve their clients and direct to consumer sales are going from strength to strength.

We plan to encompass a whole Wellness offering starting with our monthly recommendations for the coolest products and classes that perfectly compliment HERMOSA. As the world opened up, we launched our ‘on the go sachets’ and our Everything bottle – the perfect solution for your post workout shake wherever your adventure takes you.

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