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The Tesla Cybertruck is facing another delay, pushing back initial production plans until the end of the first quarter of 2023, a source has told Reuters.

The source said the delay is due to Tesla changing features and functions of the electric pickup truck to make a compelling product as competition heats up in the segment. The EV company is planning a limited production of the Cybertruck early next year before increasing output.

The claim is further supported by Tesla’s recent modification of the text on the Cybertruck product page that used to read “You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022” but has since omitted the mention of 2022.

The EV company is known for its electric cars and sport utility vehicles but has missed out on the pickup truck market which is hugely popular in the US, expected to reach $86bn in value in 2022.

Companies like Ford and Rivian Automotive are also looking into the electric pickup market, as Ford announced last month it will nearly double annual production capacity for its F-150 Lightning electric pickup to 150,000 vehicles per year by mid-2023, citing strong consumer demand.

The futuristic looking Cybertruck was first announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2019. Production was originally scheduled for late 2021 but was pushed back to late 2022.

Musk has previously said that there is always a chance the Cybertruck will “flop” but added that he doesn’t care.

“I love it so much even if others don’t. Other trucks look like copies of the same thing, but Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future.” He said in a Twitter post in July 2021.

When asked for an update on the vehicle’s production last November, he said “This year has been such a supply chain nightmare and it’s not over”. He added that he will provide an updated product road map on Tesla’s next earnings call, scheduled for 26 January.

Tesla plans to make the Cybertruck in its factory in Texas, according to Reuters. The company made the decision to move its headquarters to Texas in October, with Musk citing high living costs and long commute hours in California as reasons behind the decision.

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