Podcast: What’s next for the App Store?Juliet Beauchamp, Ken Mingis, Michael Simonon January 13, 2022 at 19:22 Computerworld


This week, Apple said it paid developers $60 billion in 2021. That suggests that, last year, the App Store raked in more money than ever. Still, 2021 was not all roses for the App Store. In September, Apple’s lawsuit against Epic Games over in-app purchasing ended. While the judge ruled in favor of Apple most of the time, the judge decided that the company engaged in anti-steering practices. Apple continues to face pressure abroad to allow outside payment methods for the App Store. So, where does the Apple go from here, and what changes might it be forced to make? Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis and Macworld executive editor Michael Simon join Juliet to discuss what’s next for the App Store. 

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