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Dry January 2022: ShelfNow sees a 450% increase in sales of low and no alcohol as Brits show an increased focus on health and wellbeing.


Brits Are Drinking Less Alcohol

With the arrival of Dry January, ShelfNow, Europe’s first intelligent B2B online marketplace, has seen a 450% increase in sales of low and no alcohol products over the past year as Brits put more value on health and wellness.

In the UK, over a quarter of drinkers have reported that they are either actively reducing their alcohol intake or cutting it out altogether with ongoing moderation trends and the increased consumer demand for more choice continuing to drive the popularity of low and no alcohol.

Launched in 2019, ShelfNow currently stocks a total of 27 low-alcohol and 22 alcohol-free beverage options with sales increasing year on year.


Londoners Leading the Way For Low Alcohol

Across the country, Londoners have been the biggest early adopters of low and no alcohol with ShelfNow buyers in the city the biggest purchasers.

ShelfNow brands include the low-sugar and low-calorie alcohol-free spirits producer CROSSIP and low ABV beer specialists Small Beer Brew Co, who have both been popular on the platform.

Philip Linardos, Co-founder and CEO of ShelfNow, said: “At ShelfNow we are seeing considerable growth and interest in ‘nolo’ drink options, and particularly around this time of year. As a company, we are at the forefront of innovation and we’re always very keen to support growing trends and particularly those which enable consumers’ health and wellbeing.

“Around the world, we have seen how the impact of COVID-19 has led to many adults prioritising healthier lifestyle habits, including drinking in moderation. As the new year gets underway we are excited about continuing our partnerships with some of Europe’s most innovative low and no alcohol producers and we also look forward to building new relationships with other brands that are operating in this fast-growing space.”

In partnership with Club Soda, ShelfNow will host its first independent retail and foodservice event at the UK’s first alcohol-free off-licence pop-up in London. Taking place on 25 January, the event will be held for ShelfNow partners with a special focus on showcasing some of the most innovative and new brands on the market that are driving growth in the low and no category. The one-off event will also focus closely on independent retail with ShelfNow ensuring that its retail partners are at the forefront of supporting more choice for low and no drinkers over the coming year.

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