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OTO Motors is a digital car brand. We design and develop cars (OTOmobiles) that can be used on multiple digital platforms from Web 3.0 and AR applications to the most simple web racing games. Each OTOmobile is a fully functional 3D file sold as an NFT, allowing its owner true ownership, the same as a real-world car.

We hold a dynamic range of OTOmobile NFT supercars. OTOmotors also develops digital racetracks and in the first phase, the holder will be able to go and race their OTOmobiles, on our Race-to-earn gaming platform and utilize their digital assets to their benefits.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Everyone at OTOmotors has been involved in many gaming and software projects for other companies. However, we have always had a lot of interest in the idea of blockchain and the opportunities it holds.

The idea of bridging the gap between games and the blockchain is something that gained a lot of popularity in the past year (although it started back in 2018) and we realized we have the capabilities of creating our own project. As a group of men we all share the love for everything that has wheels on it, plus I have been designing cars as a hobby since I was 6 years old, so there was no question about what kind of assets and game we would develop.

We had this idea of creating a brand of cars that fits into the story of the Metaverse perfectly, we are redefining cars and creating our OTOmobiles, they are the heart of the platform and they allow for multiple layers and integration opportunities.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

The best advice we can offer is to plan the project for years ahead and provide utility within the platform and build an authentic and loyal community that will engage with each other and externally. We are on the verge of a digital evolution and there are so many opportunities that will really impact people’s lives and behaviors.

What can we hope to see from Oto Motors in the future?

Other than integration within the Metaverse platforms, the natural environment for our OTOmobiles, we are working on the tokenization of the game for all users to be able to earn and benefit from cryptocurrency.

We are not just developing the gaming aspect and multiple generations of designs, we are also launching different rewards for our community. OTO offers digital upgrades for the cars in the form of Mod Kits, which enhance performance and value of the NFT OTOMobiles for the owners. And beyond that we will have several collaborations with vertical brands for clothing and real-world racing experiences, such as attending international events such as Formula 1 or Formula E.


Can you explain how Oto Motors is different from its competitors?

We design and develop all the cars in-house, the full design process from sketch to completed CAD files to renders. It is tempting to use templates and ready-made files as a shortcut but our vision is to be a digital car brand, therefore each car is developed from scratch and has a story behind it. We want people to fantasize about our car, and to have depth in them, from the design aspect. Everything from the background story and model name is carefully crafted.

In addition our race-to-earn concept will be a dynamic new racing game experience with a broader user base as the game is more strategy based, we are not aiming just for the gaming audience, as we have generated an interface that can appeal to everybody.

Why did you decide to create the platform using NFTs the blockchain instead of a standard mobile phone game application?

Basically, every digital asset can connect to the metaverse or can be played on regular games.

Our cars are meant to simulate real-world experiences from the true ownership aspect to actual racing, but also enhance them in a space unconstrained by physical-world limitations. We want people to connect with the story of the Metaverse where things happen and then find a proper car that fits them and own it. Each car is limited and represents its owners. We want people to fantasize about owning an OTOmobile, and keep it, gain mileage with it, and just enjoy it.

This is not a play car on an app that you will stop using one day, it’s an actual asset you own and can use on various digital platforms and devices. It’s a real game-changer.

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