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Launched in South London in September 2021, reboxed is a sustainable tech startup with a mission to help solve the e-waste crisis by rehoming 100 million devices by 2030. reboxed provides consumers with a one-stop solution to trading in and buying a new phone – not only is reboxed far more sustainable than your average trade in but reboxed is committed to tackling what the UN describes as one of the world’s biggest environmental issues, electronic waste.

Tech waste is the world’s fastest growing waste stream according to the UN – in 2019, the world generated an enormous 53.6 Mt of electronic waste or e-waste. Levels of hazardous electronic waste are expected to double to 74 million metric tonnes in the sixteen years to 2030.

reboxed provides a smart and sustainable solution to purchasing new tech which is not only better for the planet but better for your wallet. Staying true to their mission, reboxed takes the hassle and uncertainty out of buying refurbished and pre-loved tech by providing 12 month warranties and a 30 day trial period for each item sold – as well as savings of up to 40% so you can get nearly new tech at a fraction of the cost.



Every phone sold to reboxed keeps one device from landfill and if a phone isn’t good enough to rehome, reboxed ensures that it is responsibly recycled or refurbished so it can have a new lease of life. The London based company has recently partnered with Material Focus, a non-profit, to help push its ‘give back January’ campaign which revealed that the UK alone, abandoned 4.2 million electricals over the festive period and purchased 5 million NEW smartphones.

On top of this, reboxed offers consumers the option to trade in or donate their unwanted tech in exchange for cash, tree or a donation. Helping to further reduce the tech waste impact on the environment.

Phil Kemish, reboxed co-founder, says “Prolonging the life cycle of any device is at the heart of everything we do, so by getting more people to trade in their unwanted electricals we could give back a value of £136 million! With financial difficulties affecting many of us, by choosing reboxed it means we can save money and the planet while still offering value, quality, and convenience.”

Consumers in 2022 are more conscious than ever before but there is still work to be done on educating consumers about the effects of tech on the planet, and the benefits of refurbished tech. Consumers are already familiar with fashion rental, and toy subscription services so it’s only a matter of time before habits change and reboxed is really pioneering this shift in consumer behaviour.

Matt Thorne, co-founder of reboxed adds, “People have a growing need for quality tech without the long contracts and costs associated with buying new. This, mixed with our need to make smarter choices for the planet, means refurbished and pre-owned tech is a smart solution but the existing ways to buy and sell made it seem like a lot of hassle and risk.”

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