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Tell us about NFTPhysio, how did it start?

I’ve been involved in the NFT space for a while, and I was just toying around one day, and 3D printed my first NFT for fun. It wasn’t until I showed some of my friends and colleagues that I realised how much potential there was with this concept. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and I was inundated with requests to have NFTs 3D printed for friends in time for Christmas. Now many of their offices and living rooms are full of physical NFTs!

At NFTPhysio, our core business proposition is to provide a unique 3D printing solution for users to create physical renderings of their NFTs, while increasing revenue generated for past, present and future NFTs. We offer multi-chain support across Polygon, BSC and Ethereum blockchains.



What will it take for NFTs to become firmly embedded in the mainstream?

The NFT space has exploded in popularity in recent months, with artists, musicians and global personalities developing digital representations of their proprietary content. However, research suggests that 28% of online adults still don’t understand what NFTs are, so perhaps the current focus on digital art isn’t resonating with everyday people.

As the space continues to evolve, I genuinely believe that physical renditions and 3D print-outs of NFTs will be the key to mainstream adoption. We’re talking about bringing NFTs to the living room, making them accessible to all, allowing owners to decorate their homes or offer them as cool gifts. This will make a big difference in attracting new levels of interest from the public.



What can we hope to see from NFTPhysio in the future?

We want to provide the gateway for new categories of users who have yet to explore the world of NFTs in any meaningful way. We look forward to collaborating with brands, agencies and designers to offer a really novel value-add for users. We believe our unique solution can be leveraged to increase the value of NFTs, while broadening the spectrum of NFT utilities.

Currently our 3D printing process offers rapid turnaround times from rendition to premium prints, shipping to Europe, the US and Canada, and in 2022 we are excited to extend our geographic reach, enter new marketplaces, and execute a robust marketing strategy.

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