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UK health tech brand Nourished has this month introduced two new ‘super ingredients’ that can be added to its personalised 3D-printed vitamins which are proven to support women’s health.  

Showcasing the company’s commitment to providing impactful, bespoke health solutions – as well as destigmatising women’s health issues – soy isoflavones and inositol can now be incorporated into Nourished’ bespoke vitamin blends and will be recommended to suitable customers after they complete an in-depth consultation quiz to assess their health needs.  

PCOS is a common condition that affects over 10% of all women in the UK3, with many suffering acute symptoms such as irregular periods and weight gain.  Similarly, around thirteen million women in the UK go through the menopause each year4, with 85%5 of these suffering from at least one of the 34 known symptoms, including hot flushes, muscle cramps and insomnia.  

Nourished launched the world’s first truly customisable and personalised 3D-printed nutritional product in 2019. The company uses a revolutionary 3D-printing method and patented vegan encapsulation formula to create personalised vitamin ‘gummies’ with more than 27 billion combinations.   

Nourished CEO Melissa Snover has witnessed first-hand, in her career and personal relationships, the lack of natural products that were available for women wishing to bring their PCOS and menopause symptoms under control. Introducing the new ingredient options into the Nourished range will allow women to take their health back into their own hands. 

Nourished’s standard consultation quiz – which enables the company to tailor its vitamin ‘stacks’ according to consumers’ individual needs and lifestyles now has an extra, more detailed consultation layer, with in-depth questions regarding customers’ health and wellbeing to determine if the new ingredients are the correct fit for their needs.  

Each Nourished vitamin is vegan, sugar-free, and comprises five core layers, supplemented by two additional layers, based on the individual’s wider health goals.  

If an individual is recommended to use inositol because of their PCOS, the following ingredients will be included in their layer: 

·       Inositol – helps to regulate ovarian function and metabolic health as well as improve insulin function. 

·       Zinc – enables proteins in the body to grow and remain strong ensuring your skin and nails stay healthy.  

·       Vita Algae D3 – helps to support your overall cardiovascular health and metabolic health, as well as strengthening ovarian health. 

·       C0Q10 – helps to support cardiovascular health and metabolic health as well as providing a beneficial effect on the body’s inflammatory markers. 



For individuals who struggle with weight management because of PCOS, the following layer will also be available: 

·       White Kidney Bean – aids in weight management by acting as a powerful carbohydrate blocker. White Kidney beans also help to support an active lifestyle by boosting endurance and energy levels. 

·       Lactospore Probiotic – supports digestive health and helps to fight inflammation around the body. 

·       HT-BPL1– has been proven to aid in weight management and support metabolic health. 

·       Hydrocurc & Black Pepper – helps to support digestive health, heart health and offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties 

·       Soy Isoflavones – aids in weight management. 

Soy isoflavones may be recommended for women who want to control their menopause symptoms. This ingredient layer will be supplemented with the following: 

·       Vitamin B12 – helps to support good mental health while also boosting energy levels. 

·       Resveratrol – supports healthy cognitive function and helps to protect against high blood pressure. 

·       Ginseng – fights fatigue and improve energy levels whilst also supporting good mental health and cognitive performance. It also increases libido. 

·       Milk Thistle Extract – helps to reduce hot flushes in women going through the menopause.  

·       Soy Isoflavones – supports cardiovascular and urogenital health. 

Melissa Snover, CEO & Founder of Nourished, commented: “We are so proud to announce the launch of our two new ingredients! So many women are left to manage the awful symptoms caused by these conditions on their own, often with a lack of support and understanding for what they are going through.  

As a female health-tech CEO, I have seen and heard first-hand – from both customers and my own family and friends – the need for more accessible wellbeing solutions. For those that don’t feel they want to, or can, opt for medications or surgical treatments, our products provide a natural option to support the physical and mental symptoms women are having to live with day-in, day-out – from fatigue to chronic pain, to low moods and so much more. 

“Combining our innovative 3D printing technology with peer-reviewed science, our vitamin blends are designed to be tailored to your own specific needs, meaning that you can be reassured that your body is getting exactly what it needs to stay healthy.  

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