Nvidia’s metaverse-based Nucleus Cloud could spur the evolution of collaborationRob Enderleon January 6, 2022 at 12:51 Computerworld


Disclosure:  Nvidia is a client of the author.

It’s fascinating to watch companies produce so-called collaboration tools because it often seems as if they do not truly understand collaboration. Most of the advanced tools I have reviewed to date are videoconferencing systems trying to emulate conference rooms or events virtually, even though that is rarely how people collaborate.

Collaboration is not about a place, nor does it usually require face-to-face interaction. What it does require is a common goal across a group of workers with the dynamic ability to focus on a product, concept, tactic, or strategy, and collectively move the effort to completion. People collaborated by traditional mail, over the phone, from hospital beds, and across vast distances long before we had videoconferencing.

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