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There’s a new leader in the HR tech industry. Maria Dolgusheva is majorly shaking things up in the HR tech industry, which considering her experience and matching accolades, is really unsurprising. In this post – 4 ways Maria is changing how things work for the better in the HR tech industry. But first, let’s take a look at why HR Tech is so important for start-ups and what makes Maria such a valuable player in the industry.


The Importance Of HR Tech In Start-Ups

70 percent of the expenses startups experience are related to the company’s employees. So finding and motivating the sort of talent that can turn a start-up into a thriving enterprise is a costly task, more easily said than done.

The type of leader that can use HR tech-driven analytics to transform and grow businesses exponentially is hard to come by right now, and thanks to thought leaders such as Maria, HR tech is in a very exciting place.



What Makes Maria Dolgusheva a Mover & Shaker In the HR Tech Industry

Maria didn’t begin her career in HR tech itself but instead, the oil and gas industry.  There, she was responsible for supporting international business development from an HR perspective. After completing innovative economic and political research in Germany, Maria went on to graduate from an MBA and Business Analytics program in San Francisco, CA.

Many tech startups, even highly successful enterprises, can lack the HR necessary analytics resources that truly allow company to maximize their growth; but with Maria’s expertise, a company can go from zero foundations to having a solid HR tech and analysis structure within a matter of weeks.

Take PandaDoc for example, The US company had less than 200 employees and was far from creating any disruption in the industry. However, with Dolgusheva’s influence, the company grew over 280 percent in just 3 years and is poised for continued hyper-growth next year and beyond.


4 Ways Maria Dolgusheva Is Shaking Up HR Tech


1. Deep Business Growth Understanding

There is no better asset to have when it comes to HR Tech than a deep understanding of business and what it takes for growth to happen.  Simply applying tech without a strong understanding of the business challenges you wish to solve can produce irrelevant data and misguided action plans.

Maria has positioned herself as a visionary figure in HR tech through constantly viewing growth opportunities from a broad perspective and bold ‘big picture’ thinking. To back this, she has a deep understanding of HR processes as well as when to use them within a business growth cycle. Invaluable knowledge as we head into 2022.


2.Expert Software Building Knowledge

One aspect, in particular, that keeps Maria a cut above the rest is her extensive knowledge and ability to build an effective HR tech-enabled infrastructure. This entails deploying software that creates global workflows and aggregates data from worldwide locations. She has successfully implemented Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) with her current employer, which collects and integrates data from PandaDoc’s global workforce. That’s a must for accurate workforce analysis and useful predictions. By eliminating manual data entry processes in favor of global HRIS data management. The process has managed to save massive amounts of time and drastically improve company productivity.

The advanced SAAS platform is integrated with the recruitment management and payroll in each region the company operates.

The HRIS system allows PandaDoc to standardize company processes worldwide, ensuring team members have consistent experiences regardless of their work location. Crucial as we move into 2022.


3. Remote Work Transition

This HR tech visionary separated herself from the pack further by developing special expertise in growing a global business. As the world moves deeper into remote work and companies become more accommodating regarding remote positions, this truly is an invaluable asset. This knowledge creates greater opportunities for global expansion and scouting special talent from around the world. Since the remote work style took over tech companies, Maria implemented regular ‘pulse surveys’ to monitor employees’ satisfaction and engagement in their roles. The data from which is compiled and analyzed to give managers super valuable insight into areas of concern. The timing and speed of surveys and the results give real-time information on which areas of employee experience require the most attention. More importantly, the speed at which results are available allows managers to adjust their methods immediately. This is extremely powerful.


4. Attracting & Retaining Through Recruitment Metrics

One of the most exciting areas of expansion is into collection and analysis of recruitment metrics. Information around employee growth rate, time-to-fill, individual recruiter performance and similar illustrate which positions are hardest to fill, whether and how new hires do after the onboarding period and other trends that make a difference in the organization’s bottom-line results. For example, in a startup, it is not uncommon to see that turnover is highest among employees with very short tenure. Maria’s skill at combining data from multiple platforms makes it possible to pinpoint the reasons behind the turnover so that corrections can be made.

Maria Dolgusheva, The Future of The HR Tech Industry 

We live in an extremely exciting time for HR tech and the future for rapid business growth is looking bright. For this – we only have a select few people to thank and Maria is, without doubt, the leader of this unique set of HR tech experts. Visionary figures like Dolgusheva are going to be the ones who take HR tech to the next level over the coming years and help drive many businesses forward and grow exponentially both in the US and the world over.

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