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It’s the digital era and for people like the Digital Nomads, who work exclusively online and travel a lot, finding the perfect spot where to stay for the time planned is very important. Good internet connection, easy access to communal areas where to work efficiently and possibility of a flexible rental contract are just some of the requirements a remote worker needs. Where can a digital nomad find all this and for an affordable price? The answer is co-living.

What Is Co-Living?

Co-living is a modern form of communal living where people live in the same building, have their own private room but share all the communal spaces. Co-living rents cover all the bills, from fast-internet to housekeeping and from building management to on-site facilities, like gym, cinema and games rooms. All these areas are free access for all the residents and represent the perfect place to network and build a community.

Why Is Co-Living A Good Option For Nomad Workers?

Thanks to this new concept of co-living, people can finally have a home where they can find anything they need for an affordable price and in the centre of the city. Anyone can decide the length of their contract, have spaces designed to help them do their work efficiently and facilities to help people familiarize with the other residents and make friends easily. To someone like digital nomads, who travel a lot and don’t have time to settle in one place, have access to this lifestyle that characterizes co-living spaces can be very helpful and give them the opportunity to feel part of a community that otherwise it would be hard to build as a nomads always around the places.

What Are The Benefits of Co-Living?

Living in a co-living structure has a lot of advantages, especially if you are a digital nomad and you require specific features from your accommodation.

Flexible Arrangements – In co-living accommodations the contract length can vary and can be shorter or longer on the basis of your needs. There aren’t harsh conditions but flexibility and freedom to leave when you need to
Affordable With Amenities – Compared to a normal apartment rent, being in a co-living structure is more affordable. In the price you pay, you will have included the access to lots of on-site facilities (like a gym) that will help you save money in services that you would have to pay for if you stay in a normal flat
Community Oriented – The life of a digital nomad can be lonely and that’s why this co-living benefits can be a good plus! Social events and activities are regularly organized to help the residents socialize and be part of a community and making friends will be easier than ever
Designed Spaces To Work – If you work from home you’ll need a space that would help you work efficiently and be productive. Inside these buildings you can find places that encourage co-working and have the right supplies to work from home, without having to be in a small room or in a busy place
All Bills Included – Another great point of co-living is that you get everything included in your price. No worries about gas, water, internet, laundry, just enjoy all the services provided from the structure
Diverse Residents – Being part of the co-living community is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn more about other cultures and ways of life. As a digital nomad you might appreciate the variety of people you will be in contact with and it might help you find out more about your next destination

Co-living in London and the UK is the new way of living life in big cities, especially for digital nomads. It is the concretization of digitalisation and shared economy where people work using their laptop wherever and share the resources they have access to for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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